Glass replacement & repair service Adelaide

Glass Replacement Adelaide

Domestic Services

At Q Glass and Glazing we are your local glass company that boasts an extensive range of domestic glass services. Our services spans from windows, internal and external doors and bifold doors, to mirrors, pool fencing, tables and more!

We are your glass replacement team for homes in and around Adelaide and glass is what we do! We do more than just repair or replace glass at your home quickly. We provide our valued customers with very competitive prices for glass delivery and home installation.

Our team has all glass types available including, window glass, glassing sliding doors, custom glass, auto glass, tempered glass, window repairs, home window repairs, decorative glass, architectural glass, architectural glazing, glass replacement in Adelaide and more.

So if you’re looking to fit glass into a new build or replace old or damaged glass, or anything to do with glass, Q Glass and Glazing – glass Adelaide are the glass company for you!

Glass repairs Adelaide

Do you have broken or fractured glass? A window, a door, a mirror? No worries! At Q Glass and Glazing, we come out to your property and examine the damage. If we can repair your glass, we will instead of replacing it. Our team of glaziers work hard to ensure we provide you with the best solution, the best clean up and the best customer service.

All of our jobs are carried out by trained glass technicians and it is our mission to complete the project on time and within budget. We are here to provide you with same day glass repair solutions for your Adelaide home.

Glass replacement Adelaide

Has your glass just broken? Rest assured because the team at Q Glass and Glazing are here to help. We can replace any type of glass, interior or exterior, as soon as you need us. When a glass situation occurs, be sure to call us immediately and we will take care of the whole process for you, from cleaning up the mess to servicing your new glass.


Are you building a house and need a reliable company to install your glass windows? Q Glass and Glazing has vast experience in installing new windows, as well as repairing and replacing them. Talk to us about your ideas, requirements, budget and style today!

Internal and external doors

Sliding doors are common places for glass to be damaged, as they are used often and children have the bad habit of shutting them a little too hard. At Q Glass and Glazing, we can install and repair glass sliding doors. Ensuring sliding door glass is fixed as soon as possible is important, not only for safety but to keep your house the temperature you require.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are often used as a petition in outdoor entertainment areas. Owing to the frequent traffic that flows through them, bifold doors can often become damaged. At Q Glass and Glazing, we can have the capacity to install and repair bifold doors. Talk to the team of glass doctors at Q Glass and Glazing today!


Glass floors are all the rage with modern homes. Whether you’re looking to install glass stairs, a glass water feature or anything else you desire, Q Glass and Glazing can examine, design and install for you!

Roofing and skylights

Glass roofs and glass skylights are also very popular in modern homes. Our team of glass experts can assist in the design and installation of your new glass roof of skylight. Talk to Q Glass and Glazing.


Glass shelves, glass coffee tables, glass desks, glass home theatre units, glass tables and glass countertops are becoming popular. While they look great, glass furniture can fracture or break. Talk to Q Glass and Glazing if you encounter any problems!

Shower screens

Q Glass and Glazing install custom glass shower screens in Adelaide. If you’re building a home and looking for a quality shower screen, or alternatively, need your current one repaired or replaced, talk to our team of glass experts today!


They say breaking a mirror is bad luck – we don’t think so because it means you get a new mirror. And what’s bad about that? The team of glass experts at Q Glass and Glazing can replace the glass in your mirror quickly and efficiently.

Small appliances

Q Glass and Glazing can install the glass on your oven, heater, dishwasher, fish tank or any other small home appliances. We will come out to your home to measure and design the perfect glass to show off your oven, heater, dishwasher or fish tank.