Commercial Glass Services Adelaide

Commercial Services

At Q Glass and Glazing, your local glass company, our extensive range of commercial services span from doors, flooring, and shop fronts to shower screens, windows and desks. Installation and replacement of glass at commercial business properties is the Q Glass and Glazing specialty.

Call us for assistance for glass installation and repair at shops, businesses and offices. No job is too big or small for Q Glass and Glazing. For window glass, glass sliding doors, glass replacement, custom glass, auto glass, tempered glass, window repair, home window repair, decorative glass, architectural glass, architectural glazing and more -we have all glass types so call the glass doctor at Q Glass and Glazing.

So if you’re looking to fit glass into a new build or replace old or damaged glass, or anything to do with glass, Q Glass are the glass company for you!

Glass repair

Broken or fractured glass doesn’t just occur in the home. Offices and shops often call in our team to repair their glass. At Q Glass and Glazing, we will come out to your office or shop and examine the damage. If we can repair your glass, we will instead of replacing it.

Our glass team ensure we do the best for you – the best solution, the best clean up and the best customer service. All of our jobs are carried out by trained glass technicians and it is our mission to bring the project in on time and within budget. We are here to provide you with same day glass repair solutions for your business, and we strive to keep your customers safe and undisturbed.

Glass replacement

Do you have broken or fractured glass in your shop or office? Rest assured because the team at Q Glass and Glazing are here to help. We can replace any type of glass, interior or exterior, as soon as you need us. As soon as a glass situation occurs, call us and we will take care of the whole process for you, from cleaning up the mess to servicing your new glass.


Are you building an office space or doing up an old one that needs some TLC? Q Glass and Glazing has vast experience installing new windows, as well as repairing and replacing them. Talk to us about your ideas, requirements, budget and style today!

Internal and external doors

Customers come through your doors every day. They are high traffic areas and can often get damaged or need replacing. At Q Glass and Glazing, we can install and repair glass sliding doors. Ensuring sliding door glass is fixed as soon as possible is important, not only for safety of your staff and products but to keep your business the temperature you require.


Q Glass and Glazing offer expert glass balustrading services for the commercial market. Whether you’re looking for glass balustrading solutions for a staircase, a patio, an outdoor barrier or for anything else that will show off your business, we can assist! Our team of experts will work with you to design and install the perfect glass balustrading solution for your business.


Display homes, nightclubs, restaurants and other commercial spaces that use glass floors to showcase their brand are common. Whether your business is looking to install glass stairs, a glass water feature or anything else you desire, Q Glass and Glazing can examine, design and install for you!


Glass partitions are popular in office environments. They are a great way to provide some space, without completely shutting out one employee from another. If you would like to talk to someone about installing or repairing glass partitions, call Q Glass and Glazing.


Glass shopfronts are one of the most popular types. Your shop exterior is the first thing your customer will notice. For this reason, it is paramount for the glass to be impeccable. Talk to Q Glass and Glazing if you’re looking to repair or replace what’s currently standing.

Office furniture

Glass shelves, glass coffee tables, glass desks, glass tables and glass countertops are becoming popular. While they look great, glass furniture can fracture or break. Talk to Q Glass and Glazing if you encounter any problems! We will have your workspace back to normal in hours!