Glass Pool Fencing in Adelaide

Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

Highlight your beautiful pool with glass pool fencing Adelaide

If you have just invested in having a beautiful pool built, the last thing you want to do is ruin the visual appeal of your outdoor area with unattractive pool fencing in Adelaide. Rather than detracting from the look of your new pool, you can improve it with glass pool fencing.

At Q Glass we specialise in creating stylish glass pool fencing Adelaide. We pride ourselves on installing pool fencing that is of the highest quality and which creates an impressive impact. With glass pool fencing you will find being safe doesn’t have to be boring. Our glass pool fencing produces a sophisticated and contemporary feel that cannot be beaten. Glass pool fencing is an elegant solution to ensuring the outdoor area around your pool is safe. If you want to protect your family without destroying the view of your outdoor area, a glass pool fence is the ideal choice. It is safe, strong and low maintenance.

Why pool fencing is essential

By South Australia law, swimming pool owners are responsible for the safety of those who use their pool. With drowning being the biggest cause of accidental death for young children, especially in private backyard swimming pools, adequate pool fencing is essential. In fact, by law pool fencing is mandatory.

Pool fencing in Adelaide must meet certain requirements to be considered adequate and those with pools built before July 1993 must ensure their safety barriers meet today’s standards. Pool fencing that meets government standards features a continuous safety barrier that acts as an effective barrier to young children. It is 1.2 metres high, a permanent structure and cannot be climbed or crawled under by young children. The barrier must also be maintained by the pool owner.

The team at Q Glass and Glazing ensure all of our glass pool fencing meets South Australia Government standards. To find out more about the government requirements of glass pool fencing Adelaide, please don’t hesitate to call our team on 8370 8373.