Balustrades Adelaide

Balustrade Adelaide

For the glass balustrade in Adelaide, call the team at Q Glass and Glazing. Glass balustrades are a popular addition to any home as they provide a striking feature that is also functional. Balustrades have the ability to open up a decked area to views and natural light, while for indoor areas they create a contemporary look.

The great thing about glass balustrades is that they are extremely versatile and can be installed in a range of different surfaces. These include, timber decks, tiled areas, pavers and across landscaped areas. Glass balustrades are often a popular option for natural settings, pools, water features, decking and patios.

At Q Glass and Glazing we specialise in installing glass balustrades for both the domestic and commercial market. Whether you need glass balustrading for a patio, an outdoor barrier or a staircase, we have the balustrading solution for you. Our team of glazier experts, liaise directly with you to determine your personal tastes and requirements. From there they will design and install the perfect glass balustrading for you.

Frameless Glass Balustrading

If you are looking for a modern architectural look, you can’t go past frameless glass balustrading. Just like the name suggests, the frameless glass balustrading features no surrounding material on at least three of the four sides of each panel. To meet Australian standards, our balustrading does however, have a top rail on top of the balustrading. Alternatively, it can have an offset rail attached to the inside of the glass.

A frameless glass balustrading is a very popular choice as it creates a simply stunning effect, whilst eliminating the need to attach the frameless glass to the ground.

Semi-frameless glass balustrading

As well as frameless glass balustrading, we also specialise in semi-frameless balustrading. The panels of glass on a semi frameless balustrading feature a post between each panel. It also has a top rail above, which is attached to the posts. The glass panels are positioned in between each post. Glass can either be suspended between four glass clamps or directly mounted to the posts.

To learn more for the glass balustrade Adelaide, please give us a call us today on 8370 8373.